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Fostering the USVD Culture

USVD - Fostering the USVD Culture - Town hall - Q2

USVD – Fostering the USVD Culture – Town hall – Q2

The very essence of leadership is that you need to have a shared vision. Dynamic leaders find magnificence in every situation, and communicate it with passion discovering the elements of promise and opportunity that the listeners can believe in and act on.
The Town-Hall has been a cultural aspect at USVD wherein we celebrate the success, share latest accomplishments, acknowledge our failures with strong commitment to learn from them and further making future strides with deeper analysis of the weaker areas.
Our rich vision is to be an avid participant in market’s progression therein seeking to meet the ever-increasing market demand by further engagement and accountability in future endeavors. We kept embracing the communication format with official meets to strengthen our company’s vision and accordingly gearing ourselves to reach on the upsurge.
The vital part here is following up the responsibilities assigned individually and motivating those conscious team members who’ve been an important source of expanding the company’s graph. We encourage our short term achievements, building the strong base to our long term goals through the open-ended discussions with our employees engaging and taking the ownership of fostering our company’s culture.
Today, USVD is making rapid provisions to create a premier ground of possibilities in the Executive-Search arena, hence nurturing the company’s pivotal philosophy with strong determination.

USVD’S Triumph

USVD-TriumphYet another milestone mastered by the USVD team striking the first-rate talent in the industry. As the vibrant media spearheads the intriguing news of the senior executives moving to other organizations discovering their talents adventurously, USVD has emerged as a leader in this ongoing wave shaking the pre-existed industry dynamics and giving a vigorous way to the top-notched leaders. We further congratulate Vikram Pawah for his budding success with Harley-Davidson as Managing Director India.


Vikram Pawah, an unequivocal leader, strongly fathoming the diverse corporate strategies begins his journey by recently joining the troupe of our esteemed client and automotive Leader, “Harley-Davidson”. His experience of working in diverse countries and an extensive knowledge with awareness of the customer and societal behaviour made him the suitable choice for the Top job. This has been perfectly blended with our result-oriented approach towards client, therein delivering them conscientious individuals with all our valour.


USVD’s eye-for-detail helps in reaching out to the best talent mounting in the industry and Vikram has been one of the pinnacles of our worthy profession.


Keep following us for more success chronicles.

Combining Expertise in Executive Search Arena: Our Forte

Combining-ExpertiseAs the Latest Industrial Revolution moves ahead with its keenness for experimentation, our attention as Executive Search Leaders has been an informative substance. With regard to this organisational environment, we kept on building our teams, meeting those who have common interests like us, learning and sharing knowledge about the market dynamics and accomplishing tasks. The Face of Executive Search is changing, removing the barriers of being in a specific sector wherein USVD has elevated the standards of Executive Search Profession by giving a space to the talented individuals’ expertise.

USVD till date has utilized the best techniques and has been professionally active to detect the market’s mood keeping the fresh and lively opinions of our subordinates for effective management. The team at USVD consists of some really motivated and talented individuals with the right strategy to excel in the work they do and triumphing over the tough assignments easily. We have combined the diverse backgrounds, from psychology delegates to human-resources, engineering, marketing, law, finance, supply-chain and so forth who are passionate individuals with robust knowledge in their own areas that helps them connect easily with the Job Roles related to their own domains further boosting their morale and emerging as passionate head-hunters.

USVD calls out for a creative environment to grow where people are able to show their own initiatives for progress flowing together in a direction to achieve the organisational goals. Our team members are working closely and creating an impact on the esteemed organisations. Together, we are sustained at the right and optimal levels taking challenges and overcoming them with our expert information base.

To avail the benefits of the advantageous professionals, write to us on or visit our website and our team will contact you shortly.

If you want go that extra mile with an enthusiastic team in your professional life, you may forward your details on our website and you will hear from us soon.

Finding Leaders: Our Expertise


Recently, The Global Market has been exposed to multifarious transformations accompanied by Executive search players as a shoulder-to-shoulder companion by playing an extensive role in the metamorphosis. USVD have been conscious and receptive to the global mindset and developed our strong strategies accordingly, comprehensively meeting the market demands, building our potency as Executive Search Leaders. The prima facie of our work has been the passion to attract best of both the worlds be it our clients or candidates; we have been a well-cemented bridge to hold and sustain the intellectual correlations.


All throughout our journey, we worked on distinct assignments and learned the dynamics of this market. As per our study, the clients have now shifted their visions with the changes and are looking for multi-dimensional leaders who are ready to explore their skills outside their respective domains. Our familiarity with the market has helped us to reach out for instance to those who’ve indulged in the Automotive, FMCG, Consumer sectors since the starting of their career-path but now landed into the E-Commerce domain. Experts in automotive domain moving to Metal / Mining are a live example of being an adventurous learner that has been our personal experience. The automobile industry is indeed a well-structured, highly process-oriented one and our clients want that kind of expertise in their sector as well and we understand them well enough, thence delivered them accordingly.


The global outlook has enabled the candidates leaving a billion worth company and entering in new start-ups. It has been such an adventurous ride for us as the clients have been equally experimental and look up for those who have developed themselves through insight-based learning. We are ready to learn new things and introduce refined opportunities by combining the expertise which benefits our respective clients and gives a positive benchmark for us.


We are having assertive plans to grow and deliver the best with a passion to explore new experiences and emerging perspectives. Our learning of the changes has helped us develop a global-outlook, following the global-mindset and therein ranges the preferred choice of our esteemed clients.
For our devotion to work and zeal to analyse the roots and deliver accordingly, we would be happy to assist you in finding the best of this industry.


Looking forward to connecting with Leaders and share experiences, as always!

Exploring USVD

Exploring USVDAll of us are a product of our experiences and when we realize the importance of our existing experiences and how they influenced our lives in several ways, shaped our choices and so forth.


USVD has been a conscious discovery of our prevailing potentials i.e. hunting for the finest talent in the budding industry. Predominantly, we entered in the recruitment pitch with automotive acquisition which still has been a credibly acknowledged side of our working prospective. The prior experiences of being in the same sector along with the well- versed knowledge of the locomotive milieu benefited us to put our awareness in the right way and gaining the trust in finding the best for the leading automotive sectors.


Today, spring up; USVD is expanding its operational zones and our capability from Automotive and Industrial boosted ourselves to enter in the diverse verticals of Mining, Energy and Infrastructure, Not-For-Profit, Financial Services, Consumer Goods and Retail, Technology and Media. Our collective recruitment solutions increased the value and efficiency of our work culture and we have been learners and conscious hands who understand the global changes well and accordingly providing services to our esteemed clients.


Our multi-faceted team of highly qualified and experienced intelligentsias has been our principal factor, coming together as passionate head-hunters with diverse professional fields and expertise. We are aware of the first-hand requirements of this industry as we have been its active participants and are zealous enough to deliver the top-notch talent to the well-regarded clients who have faith in us and knocked our know-how gates at the time of fetching the best talent growing in this industry.


Perfect Leaders move along with the change and we at USVD are core enthusiasts of this philosophy. In the emerging times, we have shaped ourselves with the upcoming opportunities and kept growing with our existing assignments. We have delivered our clients with the right talent in the industry which simultaneously gained a positive impact on our brand image as well. All the way, we have been attracting and ticking talented individuals which have become a crucial aspect for our budding success.

USVD has a meaningful mission to excel and to be the face of the recruitment arena. We have optimistically evolved from our past and with immense impetus holding this brand new image of ourselves to be a gizmo for our future success stories. With our expansion as a team, we hope that USVD Consultants will act as a Midas touch for our rejuvenating brand.

As a strong-willed team, we have been “seeking and delivering” maintaining the brand name Useekvdeliver and now with our prompt capacity to grow; we are celebrating our brand image and emerging as well-heeled recruiters; USVD Consultants.

Thank you for your continuous patronage.

Ritesh Sarin
Chief Executive and Cofounder